About The Imperial Court System

With chapters in over 68 cities in three nations, the International Court System has begun to flex its huge financial fundraising clot especially when the P.R. savy Murray Ramirez took over its leadership four years ago. Last year “ Queen Mother Nicole” called upon all the courts to raise money for the Matthew Shepard Foundation and over $100,000 came pouring in. Judy Shepard stated that the courts’ major financial gift kept the doors of the foundation open. The courts of Canada and U.S.A. have raised over $200,000 for the court’s Tijuana AIDS Fund. The International Court Council will play a major part in this year’s world wide celebration of Harvey Milk’s birthday on May 22nd especially because of that close friendship that Nicole and Stuart Milk of the Harvey Milk Foundation.

Indeed the Imperial Court Council has been given major credit for its leadership role it has played in launching a nation-wide lettering writing campaign to get the U.S. Postal Dept. to issue a stamp in honor of Harvey Milk. Late last year the U.S. Postal Service’s Stamp Development Committee informed the International Court System that they were “pleased to inform you Harvey Milk is under consideration for a future U.S. stamp issuance”.  Among those attending the I.C.C. international Court Council meeting at the Park Manor Suites this weekend will be former Massachusetts State Senator Jarrett, Thomas Barrios the national president of GLAAD and Charles Robbins the National Executive Director and CEO of the Trevor Project which will be the beneficiary from a yearlong fundraising campaign by the courts in honor of the Queen mother of the America’s Proclamation making 2011 “The year of our LGBT Youth”. Over 30 court chapters have LGBT student scholarship programs which have given out over a quarter of a million dollars in student scholarships.

The courts of Canada, Mexico and the United States have also played a major role in establishing AIDS agencies across the countries in the early 1980’s…..in San Diego the first AIDS food bank and hospice ( Truax House) was founded by a Empress of San Diego. In fact the International rodeo association was also founded by “gay royalty” that being the first Emperor of Reno Nevada. During 2009’s “National LGBT Equality March on Washington” the court held a gala event which drew Lady Gaga who Nicole honored with her “1st Lady of Entertainment of the Americas”. Among LGBT leaders attending the Washington D.C. royal event were presidential advisor David Mixner, M.C.C founder Troy Perry, Cleve Jones, fourteen of the names AIDS quilt, Rea Carey, Lt. Dan Choi, Robin McGee of GetEqual and many others.